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How do I order oil on-line?

Go to the Fuel - Price Check/Order Online panel on the Home page of our parent website Then choose your County, Fuel and Litres in the areas provided. When you are happy with your selection, click on the order on-line button. Remember to have a valid Debit or Credit card to complete the order.

How can I pay for my delivery?

We accept payment by Debit or Credit Card through the website.

How secure will my Payment Card details be?

O'Keeffe's (Rathmore) Ltd., which is our parent company, uses Realex secure payments technology to accept and authorise debit and credit cards via the website to ensure that all your transactions and information are secure.

When will my oil be delivered?

We will normally deliver within 1 to 2 working days. However, it may take longer if there are poor weather conditions or during very busy times. If you require delivery urgently, please let us know when you are placing your order on-line. There is an "additional address" information" area within the address section of the on-line order form to do this. We will do our utmost to meet your request.

Will I be contacted before delivery?

If you wish to be contacted please let us know. You will need to provide a telephone number when ordering on-line so that we can make contact before your delivery.

Do I have to be at home when the oil is delivered?

You do not necessarily need to be home provided we have clear and safe access to your domestic storage tank. Remember that this tank will also have to be unlocked to allow the driver to make the delivery.

How will I know the oil has been delivered?

The driver should leave the top copy of the delivery ticket in your letter box after the delivery has been made.

What type of heating oil do I use?

Currently there are two types of heating oil we supply: Kerosene or Domestic Oil as it is sometimes known - is orange in colour and commonly used in domestic burners. Gas Oil or Green Diesel is used in older domestic burners and larger commercial/industrial burners. Look for a sticker on your tank indicating the product used. It may still be there!. Another way of knowing what fuel to order is to look up a ticket from a previous delivery. The product type will be shown there.

Is there a minimum amount of oil I need to order?

At time of writing we currently set a minimum of €250 for on-line oil orders. This may change as the price of oil changes. The on-line price check facility on the website will guide you on this. For information, domestic oil tanks can range in size from 900 Litres to 1400 Litres. The capacity of your tank may be indicated by a sticker on the tank. The average delivery is approximately 800 Litres.

What if I don't take the quantity I order?

Our drivers are trained and experienced professionals who will safeguard delivery to your tank. If the quantity delivered is less than you have ordered because your tank cannot accept the ordered quantity at that time, we will refund the difference to your Credit or Debit Card less any price differential that might apply for the lower delivered quantity.

My tank is filled through a fill pipe so can I still get a delivery?

You will need to be in attendance or have an authorised adult in attendance to confirm to the driver that your fill pipe is connected to the appropriate storage tank and that the tank has the empty capacity to take the quantity scheduled for delivery.

Is Vat included in the quoted price?


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